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Back to Basics

Explore childhood movements patterns to teach adults how to move

The BIG class provides access to movement in a safe environment, for those with no exercise background or those interested in developing full and functional range of motion. The class teaches you the fundamentals of movement and mobility for a healthier, happier lifestyle. It also provides an excellent cross training class for those with specific injuries as the aim is to develop range of motion and to then develop strength over that range.


Whether you are a couch potato or a seasoned athlete, chances are you don’t spend much time performing maintenance on your body. This class is a step towards fixing that. If you don’t move your body regularly, you forget how. Come and remember.


This class was developed in conjunction with Dynamic Balance. If you are at all concerned about the requirements of this class, get in touch with Michele (info and she can provide a consultation.

Still Unsure?
See a Therapist


Dynamic Balance partners the BIG class and is the first stop for anyone in who want to get back in the game but is not quite ready to take the plunge. We offer Initial assessments and complimentary therapies.

Someting for the Kids?


The Dragon Academy is a holistic movement class for children from 8 - 18 based on teaching a wide range of movement skills.

Based on Parkour and Yoga, but borrowing from many different disciplines it aims to develop strong, balanced students while being an incredible amount of fun.

Something a bit more Exciting


Access Parkour is a coaching organisation with a range of classes in Edinburgh. Our classes focus on non-competitive, enjoyable physical training based on parkour, for all levels.

We run both indoor and outdoor classes across Edinburgh and teach both adults and children.


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Back in Action

Get you back into doing the sports you want to do

Back to a Pain Free Lifestyle

Stretching and mobilising eases tension which relieves chronice pain

Back in Charge

Movement tools for everyday life

Back in Balance

Stand straight, walk comfortably, breath easily.


When: Tuesday 7-8pm
Cost: £8 or £36 for 6 sessions.
Age: 25+
Where: Ravelston Sports Centre, Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh


When: Tuesday 8-9pm
Cost: £8 or £36 for 6 sessions.
Age: 25+
Where: Ravelston Sports Centre, Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh


Hedge arm
Access Army
Deep Stretches
Craig Balancing
Adam Squatting
Deep Hip opener

When: Wednesday 8-9pm

Cost: £8 or £36 for 6 sessions

Age: 25+

Where: Full Cirqle, Baileyfield Crescent, Portobello

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